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Romancing the Tome

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I love when pets are named human names like timmy or phillip. What a hilarious revelation!

Antoine Wilson

I lived in Madera for four years of my childhood--that Chowchilla bus kidnapping story remained in my head almost like the memory of a dream.

I finally looked it up on the web recently, thinking that I must have made it up, that such a preposterous thing couldn't possibly have happened.

But there it was.

Kim Askew

Antoine: We moved away when I was three and I believe we were living in Germany when it happened. I was about the same age as some of the younger children so there was always this feeling that if we had stayed, I could've been on the bus too. It sounds like something straight out of a Steven King novel so I don't wonder that you thought you'd made it up. Btw, I've seen your book everywhere! I'll definitely pick up a copy. Looking forward to reading it...

Antoine Wilson

Good think you were in Germany. Hope you enjoy the book--let me know what you think. Cheers, A

Carolyn Askew

Hi Kim.
Hope this finds you okay. Read your blog and wanted to let you know that your Uncle was in the Navy not the Marine's.
Love Your Aunt Carolyn.


Hi, Aunt Carolyn! OopsI knew he was in the Navy on a ship so I'm not sure why I mistyped that.

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